Best Practice 3: A tool to improve museum education internationally

Nardi, Emma and Angelini, Cinzia (2014) Best Practice 3: A tool to improve museum education internationally. Edizioni Nuova Cultura.

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Emma Nardi, Introduction; Anja Bellmann, Stefan Bresky, Bernd Wagner, Early Childhood Education in Museums. Exploring History in the Deutsches Historisches Museum; Anna Asoyan, Armine Grigoryan, The Museum is the Guest of the School; Ana Luisa Nossar, Branca Pimentel, Elaine Fontana, Marina Herling, Maria Carolina Machado, Paula Selli, Babies at the Museum? At Segall, that’s happening!; María Antonieta Sibaja Hidalgo, Descubrir, experimentar, construir…; Ernesta Todisco, Summer Camp for children. Promoting the knowledge of the museum; Niko Bos, Developing Look & Learn cards; Annemies Broekgaarden, History adventure! You and the Golden Age; Anne-Sophie Grassin, Un dimanche avec des étudiants de Paris-Dauphine au musée de Cluny; Elvire Jansen, Inez Weyermans, Irma Enklaar, Wereldgrachten (World Canals); Antonella Poce, Promoting science: the creation of a scientific observatory to raise awareness on sea biodiversity; Susan Rowe, Seeds of Knowledge, Education, and Empowerment through a School Garden Project; Martin Bourguignat, Le Studio 13/16, espace dédié aux adolescents de 13 à 16 ans au Centre Pompidou; Cynthia Iburg, Nature Nocturne. Rediscovering the Museum as an Adult; Fabrice Casadebaig, Les Ateliers nomades; Nathalie Mémoire, Le Muséum chez vous; Anne Ruelland, Exposition-itinérante « Jardiner la ville »; Jesse-Lee Costa Dollerup, Tanya Lindkvist, The Art of Learning Language. An educational inclusion programme bringing together art, language and interculturality; Laura Evans, Building a Bridge? Understanding the Multicultural Impact of Islamic Art at the Dallas Museum of Art; Irene Balzani, Cristina Bucci, Luca Carli Ballola, Michela Mei, A più voci – With Many Voices. The Palazzo Strozzi project for people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers; Coraline Knoff, Stéphanie Merran, Vincent Poussou, “Le Voyage”, une exposition au Centre Pénitentiaire Sud-Francilien; Angela Manders, Museum for One Day. A special museum experience on location; Paolo Campetella, Yes picture please!; Karine Lasaracina, L’art du réseau: un Musée en ligne; Kyle Soller, Ellen Bechtol, Leah Melber, Observe to Learn.

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